Zoo Association

The Rostock Zoo Association (Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer des Zoologischen Gartens Rostock e.V.) makes an extremely important contribution towards nature & species conservation. The Rostock Zoo Association emerged from the Freundeskreis Zoo Rostock (Friends of Rostock Zoo) in 1990, and advocates with particular interest for animals and nature at the Rostock Zoo.
Numerous animal facilities were able to be newly built and expanded, and species-appropriate animal husbandry was therefore improved with the aid of the Rostock Zoo Association. Voluntary activities such as visitor support at the Darwineum, the operation of the Zoo Express, support with events and many other activities demonstrate the great dedication of the members of the association in the daily operation of the zoo. They contribute significantly towards the positive presentation of the Rostock Zoo in the public eye.

In return, an active and multifaceted social life in the association awaits members of the Rostock Zoo Association, with first-hand zoo information, guided zoo tours, interesting presentations, exciting excursions, a lively exchange of ideas among members and with other zoo associations and much more. In addition, association members (with the exception of sponsoring membership) do not pay admission to the Rostock Zoo.

The Rostock Zoo Association is always looking for new, dedicated members, supporters, benefactors and sponsors. All important information pertaining to the association and membership is available here:

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